Incorporated in 2006, PRISE Ltd is a private company. It is driven by 5 core values from which its name was coined:


Remain focussed on the basics. We aim to stay close to the essence in everything that we do. Irrespective of circumstances we perform with the same rigour and grit.


Keeping our words. We consider our commitments to be the building blocks of the markets in which we operate.


Maintain the highest ethical standards in all our dealings. We would rather let go – and explore new avenues than compromise on our values.


Going beyond the product sold. We attach due importance to the details – prior to and post the sales, we strive to touch the total experience of the customer.


Relentlessly question our current performance. We learn from our experiences and seek feedback with a view to continually improve.

Translated into our daily actions our values-centric approach has guided us in our growth journey. We have forged long term and trustworthy relationships with customers, many of whom are among top companies in our markets- both local and regional.